Submitted love poem


Just a little something special for every lady out there - Happy Valentine's Day 2011 with lots of love, x's and o's...

Hear and see me, darling girl

I am your Valantino

No-one else within this world

Loves you so like me - no.


“How,” I hear you start to say

“Am I the one for you?”

Because you break my every day

Across the sky of blue.


Beams of sunshine cannot cast

Without your glowing presence

Moonlit nights would not be vast

At best they would be crescents.


You are my dawn, you are my dusk

And everything between

The sight of you, your scent and musk

All make my senses keen.


It’s in the way you move and walk

Your voice as it comes out

From your mouth and lips in talk

It’s what you’re all about.


A photograph cannot express you

Words are just the same

Until we kiss and I caress you

My love is inane.


You will not find another man

Who feels this way for you

I tell you that no other can

Because I know it’s true.


So make my day and in return

My pledge to you won’t curve

Because a girl of your concern

Should get what she deserves.

- matteee3385