Submitted love poem



Love is more

Than aesthetics

Beauty is only skin deep

It may be what you first notice

Or what first gets you noticed

But it’s not enough

Love is more than the flashy cover on a book


Love is

What can’t be seen at first glance

It’s what’s beneath the surface

It’s the detail on every page of the book

That has to be studied

It’s what remains when beauty fades

It is the constant


Love is more

Than physical attraction

Or physical expression of that attraction

Even when it’s fantastic

It’s not enough


Love is

What you do in between the sex

Not just kisses that delight

It’s in the conversation

And the understanding

It’s holding hands and not caring who sees

Its walks in the country

It’s dancing cheek to cheek to cheesy love-songs

It’s caring and sharing

Love is being diminished by its loss

© Paul Curtis