Love poems from the heart

You're Welcome

It is amazing how words of love can pierce the soul and linger on in the hearts of people for years. This poem was written by Hope Spencer.

She spoke these simple little words,
So soft and tenderly;
I thought them-oh! such friendly words -
They meant so much to me.

She smiled a homely little smile,
And opened wide the door;
I felt the warmth of her embrace,
As I had done before.

They seemed such kindly little words-
"You're welcome"-that was all;
And right throughout my visit there,
I heard their echo fall.

And now though I am far away,
These words I call to mind;
When searching through the words I know,
No sweeter ones I find.

How full of love and warmth and cheer,
This greeting seemed to me;
If we could only use it more,
A happy world 'twould be.

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