Submitted love poem

Love is...

Written straight from the heart



Love is your touch, your kiss, your smell, a teardrop in your eye

Love is when I hold your hand, your smile as bright as the morning sky

Love is that happy look in your eyes, the sunlight through your hair

Love is the time we spend together, every moment I want to share

Love is that feeling, that connection, that bond, when distance keeps us apart

Love is when, you just know, that ache you get in your heart

Love is the happiness you bring to me when you’re sleeping by my side

Love is the kind, gentle person you are with your arms out open wide

Love is the children you have given me, a very special gift

Love is when I am feeling down and you’re always there to help me lift

Love is not just words; Love is not always easy to see

Love is beautiful, passionate; love is what you have given me

This is a poem written by a man, about the love he has for his wife

A love that’s deep, a love that’s strong, the most important thing in his life

To my beautiful wife, my best friend, my rock


I love you!