Submitted love poem


Love at first sight

I climbed the stairs

To the top deck

Then I found a seat

And sat

Then I heard a voice say “hi”

It was soft and gently spoken

I turned towards the voice

Which emanated from a girl

With the warmest smile

And her red hair ablaze

In the morning sun

And with her head slightly inclined

She said again “hi”

That’s all

Just “hi”

And with that simple word

Came her smiling eyes

Beneath her blazing hair

And a radiant glow

And a feeling came over me

A peaceful warm feeling

As warm as her smile

Then all at once

I felt so at ease

As if I had known her forever

Though I had seen her only once before

And did not think she had seen me

All she said was “hi” 

But her tone spoke volumes

I returned her smile

And tamely said “hello”

I wanted to say so much more

She smiled again

This time with the heat

To match her flaming locks

I needed no words

As with that wondrous smile

All my questions were answered

© Paul Curtis 2009