Submitted love poem

How i feel for you!

its to explain to someone how u feel and u wnt to tall them but u dnt no how to and so u just dnt no wat to say or how to say it so my poem is to complet that well i hope it does.

I need to tell you something,

I miss being with you,

I miss your smile,

I miss your cuddles,

I miss your kisses,

I miss your laugh,

I miss your personality,

I miss every thing about you.

I wish you knew,

I wish you could see how i feel,

I wish you noteced me,

I wish i could be yours,

I wish that i could make you happy.

I hope that one day could be the day we were one, That you can feel how i feel about you, I hope that i can keep a smile on your face all the time. And the hugs you give me make me feel so loved and speacial like no one has ever made me feel.

But mostly i miss and love about you, Is your personality because you are you, And i will love you for that and not the looks of you because thats what doesnt count, What counts is what i see in you, So please don't ever change!

By Tiffany Schoenfeld