Submitted love poem

lost love

this poem is about 2 people who didn't need to talk there soul was connected a pure love lost

How come two hearts and souls that are one suddenly become none,a love so rare beautiful and created in the hearts of the gods be lost, Dreams of love under the stars burning bright next to the fire light, just become a memory in a beautiful dream that has past and will never be, Life is full of twists and turns i have loved u like no other and never will, My heart is broken and beaten,But it is you that my heart and soul is needing, But if it is not to be then hold me in your heart hard and fast,You gave me lots of first and now my last, Love will never be as true as you and me, Some were lucky and had you for  along time, But i only a short time for me, I love you always and always will, Take care my angel and may the gods keep you safe.