Submitted love poem

A Mother who's always there

I wrote this for my mother impromptu on the night of her birthday while we were at dinner, i wrote it on a paper napkin so yeah I hope you all like it

I wish to tell you all about a person that I hold so very dear,
Someone who is unbelievably special and I've known for many years.
This person thinks of others and gladly shares the tears,
A shoulder to cry upon,
Someone to chase away MY fears.
Very few people have a Mum like I've always had,
I guess we've had our ups and downs,
And I've made her more than mad.
But she's always been there to cheer me up when I was upset or sad,
She's been my mother, my champion ... in partnership with Dad.
How can I express my gratitude for all you've done for me?
How can I convey to all, your legendary generosity?
I love you Mum, so very much, much more than I can say.
You are the living embodiment of the Darling Buds of May.
For in thy eternal sunshine, you are a sun that can not fade,
You love,
You share,
You live to care,
And that's always been your way.
So let me sum all this up by wishing you a happy birth day!

Angus J Wightman