Submitted love poem

My Baby

The first time i laid my eyes on you i knew u were mine

The first time i heared you voice i knew we were meant to be

when you hold me and in your arms the world stops and nothing matters except the look in ur eyes.

When you kiss me i feel like i have died and gone to heaven,

baby when you tell me you love me My knees go weak and my hurt beats a million miles an hour.

People try to take you away from me but baby our love is so strong it will fight through the impossible.

you have planted the seed of love in my heart and it grows second by second , min by min, hour by hour, day by day it will never stop growing.

Nothing will ever get in the way of our love and noone i mean noone will ever take you away from me, they force you to go and be with them but baby they are committing the bigs sin by breaking our love chain, we will always be together.

At the end of the day your place is here with me in my arms, in my heart and i will be the mother of your children.

I love you from the bottom of my heart nothing will ever stop that.