Submitted love poem

Waiting for my prince

When are you coming to take me away
i always pray that soon you will come my way
i have been waiting for so long
yes its very hard yet im stil so strong

I see so many couples together
huging each other in a cold weather
and feel so lonely cant wait til we can be together

always wish i had someone to love me and hold me
yet so many people hurt me ,

mababy Iam so inlove with you
i know one day you will just come and take me with you

I love you and miss you eachand every day
please come soon and be mine and stay

baby i cant wait to meet you and
share the rest of my life with you

Yourthe one i trully love,
and ul always my only truelove

you will save me when you enter my life and take away my pain,
how can i tell you how i feel i just cant explaine

i know that youl never hurt me lie to me or leave me
ul always stay with me , kiss me hug me and love me

aska hassan