Love poems from the heart

A mother's love

The poem ‘The Mother' reflects on the love a mother has for her children despite the difficulties and circumstances of life. The devoted love the mother shows towards her child reveals faithfulness and perseverance. This unconditional love is a model for all.


She doesn't seek her goal in wealth and riches,

But in her children's love, her treasure lies.

She finds her gold and silver in their laughter,

And counts her jewels in her children's eyes.


She doesn't try to reach for stars above her,

But rather kneels to touch a baby's hand,

And soothes away the problems of a childhood,

In words that only children understand.


She doesn't speak of truth and strength and wisdom,

But sets them in the standards of her own,

And one by one she kindles them within us,

Then wisely stands aside when we have grown.


She doesn't try to preach or force an issue

Or insist her chosen pathway should be trod,

But by her very life and own example,

Shows right from wrong, and points the way to God.


Mavis Atcheler

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