Submitted love poem

the perfect man

every one should get a shot at love

i guess it's easy to say your perfect man is;

a certain type, a certain somebody

yet is he

the perfect man to me is;

a guy that loves you for you

he could be anywhere

yet he chooses to be with you

because your his life

he isn't greedy or clingy

he lets you live your life

but still gives you the world

a perfect gift to a lady could be;

diamonds and pearls and all the riches

yet to me it's his love

the perfect gift is his undying love

it never ends, good times and bad times

i guess the perfect man is out there for everyone

but don't search so hard

let fate figure it out

because without it

there is no mystery or adventure

when you stop talking or seeing eachother

you realise how precious your time together is