Submitted love poem

Trails in the past

I look out the car window

So many thoughts running through my mind

I look at the rustic scenery

And look at what I’m leaving behind

I can’t help but think what it’ll be like on my own

No one to go home to or celebrate parties thrown

Passing every piece of life, as I drive by

I wish I hadn’t have lied

That day back in July

Now there’s nothing left for this broken heart of mine

Even my kids don’t love me anymore

I guess it’s just a matter of time

I never have really understood

Why people are so cruel

It’s all a part of life and how it is so unpredictable

Although people in this world

Have it tougher than a do

I still manage to devote my love

To every single one of you

When you mess up big time

You realize there were things you shouldn’t have done

Yet we can remember all the happy times together

They will never be forgotten by anyone.

Jessica Marchant