Submitted love poem

Closer is not enough

I recently had a crush on this wonderfull guy but it turns out he was just an idiot

As I am nearing towards the future I see nothing but pain

As I am nearing towards the future I see nothing but vain

As I am becoming closer to what I want you slowly fade away

Your love means nothing to me anymore

No, not like it used to

I am becoming to realize that the best things in life don’t come for free

they come for a price, just like your painful face

You can tell me all the things that you want from me

But I know that is a completely waste of time

As I am slowly walking away from what used to be

I am slowly starting to figure out what went wrong

You always ask me what’s wrong but really I don’t care

You don’t give a damn about me

 I don’t give a damn about you

So now we are even

No wait

All I need is some space

All I need is you to leave me alone for a while

You made me feel like I wasn’t enough for you

You made me feel I wasnt enough for you eve in your whole lifetime

Since I have met you, I feel nothing but self- doubt

I need to feel like someone is there for me

Not just when they wanna be

I know my looks can be deceiving

But it’s not whats on the outside that counts

It’s what’s on the inside that counts

So next time when it turns out I like you

Tell me u don’t like me back yourself and don’t

Get your friends to do it for you