Submitted love poem

12-WAYS OF MY 12-MONTHS AS IN THOUGHTS by Asif Chowdhury

The time when I am writing this poem is 22:01 on 22 January 2008. Hopefully, sooner or later, the web page authority will upload my poem and enhance the chance for you to extract its frame!

JANUARY: I love to think that I am in someone's memory;
FEBRUARY: I reckon to create the bond within family is statutory;
MARCH: Never outburst, even someone does scratch;
APRIL: Breack out the knowledge of grille;
MAY: Imagine that you and someone is in the Romance Bay;
JUNE: Make sure, always your 'music of speech' is on tune;
JULY: Do react on time till the chance is on fly;
AUGUST: Beware of others who are willing to put in your back a bag of dust;
SEPTEMBER: Feel the moment when we met with Lime Juice at Manly Bar;
OCTOBER: No worries, keep on going, I am always in your favour;
NOVEMBER: In crucial moment, ain't it better to rethink for strategy of war;
DECEMBER: Though I am in your next but why it seems too far !!!

(ended at on 22/Jan/2008)