Submitted love poem

Itís YOU; and for YOU! by ASIF CHOWDHURY, Director, AIT, Dhaka, Bangladesh

It is the expressive texual feelings and imaginations of yours for your beloved-one!

The world of enormous beauty!

To get the real charm and pleasure of beauty, do you really need to go too far? Not really; eventually, you can experience it at the inner-world of yours. Look around; may be, you’ll find the one who have been waiting for expressing the appreciation and the rare glimpses of cherish-glamour. The one you are heading at; may be, by meeting with her, you can be stunned and out of speech; as a result, the chance of expressing your feelings will sneak away! So, be aware! The one who you do expect, you do believe that when she does concentrate, then the whole-world gets the rhythm of soothe-vibration from lovely-breezy-rainy day’s thunders; when she does think, you may feel as if that all the flowers are getting caution of honey-bees; she is the one whose eyes give the feeling of tidal-wave during summer at sea-beach, her facial gives the shame to the land of rare beauty as that crosses its limit. When she does move, it does insist to the fountain to follow the steps; she moves with a smell of un-invented flower which has life-long smell throughout just once inhale! When she does speak, all the birds stop their chatting and love to listen from her; though she is not so unexceptional at her voice but somehow fabulous. Her finger-movement reminds the internal feeling of heart and catches the passionate-affection. The way she does look at you, it proves she is in the ocean of thought. While she does smile for you, it reflects her unintentional-stoppage of pleasure.

The world is nothing but the area where you are going to experience both — good and bad, nice and ugly, pleasure and pain!

The time when you have found her in reality.....................................................

Wow! She is not yours! She has already been titled as someone’s wife!

This is the reality, we need to care,
doesn’t matter, whether or not,
it does extract your tear!