Submitted love poem


It must be read by all love seeker guys to understand the real meaning of LOVE!

Love is a feeling, a word, an expression

Love is having, that wonderful obsession.

Love is kind and caring and sweet,

Love is the little things, that make it so neat.

Love is giving, and not just taking,

Love is staunch, and never forsaking.

Love is a warmth, you feel when you view,

Your object of love, coming to you..

Love is lying, together in sand,

On an ocean beach, holding your hand.

Love is kindness, and kisses and flowers,

Love is reciting, pretty word showers.

Love is sitting together in leisure,

Love is giving, without any measure.

Love is practicing, self denial,

That makes your love's face, brighten and smile.

Love is gentle, and sweet with sentiment.

Love is tender-Love is commitment.

Love is electric, our lightening rod!

Love is the seed, inspired by God!