Submitted love poem

luv u dad

its about how i feel about life and what i feel inside ,

i love you dad ..

Dad I really miss you
its been 7 years that you have gone ,
it still feels like yesterday
so much pain , anger sorrow i feel all the time,
I feel weak with out you in my life dad,
i need you and love you
i have no life without you

you past away on my birthday , why? why?
its so hard to live without you...
dad why cant you come back or you take me there, why dont you understand my pain ?

why did u have to go ?
your pain is gone now its my turn to feel ...
how can you be in the ground? how can you breath in there?
i just want to take you out of the grave..

i never told you i loved you... i know you know now..

no one told me you were gonna dieso soon ...
i wish they have told me ..There are millionz of things i wanted to say to you .....
i love you dad ..please come back..

i only see you in my dreams , i never wanna wake up,
even when i see you in my dreams ur always running away from me...
you always say youl come back in my dreams never do...
oh i just wanna see you dad..
i love you ..
im sory if i have ever made you upset..
i hope your in a better place...

i want you to know you are always loved by me , i love you and miss you.