Submitted love poem


Another dose of love for those with a prescription for words that touch the heart... xxx-ooo, matteee3385

To live is not to live without you

Beating in my heart

I feel my chest has been shot through

Whenever we’re apart.


I could not be without the sea

Of you surrounding me

I’d fly and I would kamikaze

Crash and would not be.


My life would not circulate

I would be D.O.A.

With no hope to resuscitate

Proclaim me dead today...


...If you say we cannot be

Inside a world of love

That we’re not two plus one and three

With the stars above.


To not live is to live without you

My pulse and its throb

Would be meaningless, it’s true

I might as well be robbed.


Heaven holds a place for thee

From there’s where you were sent

A darling angel blessed upon me

As if you were meant...


...To brighten up my dim-lit days

Just like a candle flame

Shining upon all the ways

That we could play the game.


And so in all I cannot be

Or live this life without you

There is no doubt – take it from me

Existence is about you.