Love poems from the heart

The procession of love

Today, Auschwitz remains a symbol of mass genocide and terror. During World War II the Nazi Germans set up a concentration camp at this town in Poland. Nearly one million Jews from all parts of Europe were interned and killed by gas.


A man knelt in the pond of Auschwitz
so many dead
men, women with weeping hearts
children with weeping eyes.
You can see their faces on the walls
pinned up for their crimes,
tears running, flowing.

A man knelt in the pond of Auschwitz
water to his knees
scooped up mud
held it in his hand.
You can see the pain in his eyes
pinned on a page, a year
when his own died here;
and he said simply,
holding the mud in the palm
of his hand,
'We have to touch people.'

Mary Dilworth

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